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Our professional competency and tailored solutions allow us to help you rebuild, restore and maintain your personal credit, ensuring extensive opportunities for yourself and your family.


Let Us Guide You Towards Credit Restoration

Credit Reporting Agencies make countless blunders that can negatively affect your credit, and CCB is here to ensure you aren’t held back by their mistakes. Clear Credit Builders will aid you in navigating the credit system, informing you how to stay on top of your reports. We work with a transparent process, and encourage your involvement every step of the way.

Solutions that Make a Difference

We understand that each individual has specific needs, and that is why we create specialized solutions that will be valuable to repairing your credit. By using our tools to remove negative credit factors and working tirelessly to illuminate the positive ones, we give life back to your credit score, as well as back to you.

Our Effective 4 Step Process

1. Provide Us With Your Credit Information

Once you provide us with your credit reports from Equifax, Transunion, & Experian, we can take the next step in your journey towards total credit revival.

2. Receive Complete Credit Score Analytics and Engage in a Credit Score Status Consultation

After we thoroughly evaluate your credit reports, we will provide you with feedback and valuable advice. We will inform you of the strategy we have invented for you, and provide you with a plan of action regarding contacting credit bureaus.

3. We Fight for The Credit Score You Deserve

Simply collecting and sending your information to dispute the bureau’s rulings is not going to cut it. CCB’s main weapon in credit-combat is the fact that we challenge credit bureau compliance to regulations.


If they are unable to provide sufficient and approved paperwork, then the claim cannot be held against your score.


As CCB fights for your score, we make sure you are kept in the loop and are the first to know.

4. Experience the CCB Difference

The moment changes are made to your reports, we will contact you and provide you with further advice on how to maintain your fresh new credit score.

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