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Credit Repair Army That Fights for YOU

Clear Credit Builder’s was born out of the desperate need for new and effective credit repair solutions. We strive to go beyond traditional credit repair, challenging the system and providing you with life-changing credit revival. CCB is serving people like you in ways never before possible.


We provide trustworthy, powerful, effective and foundation-shaking credit repair tools so that you can enjoy lower interest rates, minimal down payments and credit card approval in no time.


By challenging credit bureaus, collectors and data furnishers’ compliance with credit laws and standards, we get to the bottom of every item on your score and demand proof of their regulation compliance.


We work to give you everything so that you can do the same for your family.

our mission

To empower individuals to take back control of their financial standing and creditworthiness through personalized credit repair strategies.

Cutting-Edge Consultations & Reliable Communication

Our system is based around communication with credit bureaus, and our focus is keeping you in the loop. When we know, you know.


After your credit score is improved, we go the extra mile to ensure you are equipped and competent when it comes to maintaining a fantastic credit score. That’s CCB’s promise.

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